We ship throughout Europe and Rest of the World, same-day service within Ghana
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Black Velvet

Our aim is to offer clients everywhere a wide range of modern, high quality and affordable jewelry in order to maintain our core values of affordable luxury, personal expression and excellent customer relations.

At Black Velvet we celebrate beauty, style and individuality! We have Passion for Fashion.

We always ensure that any client that patronises our goods is left with no doubt that he made the right choice shopping with us.

Right from the first time you log onto our website we have passionate and friendly staff ready to walk you through every stage of the Black Velvet experience. Allow us to inspire in you and your loved ones moments of positivity and happiness.

Together, we will create irreplaceable memories because every order you receive is not just a box but an unforgettable experience; a little piece of joy and happiness you can carry everywhere.

We have an open door policy where clients are encouraged to come back with feedback whether positive or negative. We love every customer, no matter how difficult things may get and we will always try to exceed the expectation of our customers. We will go as far as we possibly can to attract a customer back to our store and connect with us because we miss you every day that you are gone!

Black Velvet - We are here for you!

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